Pilibhit Lok Sabha Constituency

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Pilibhit Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 80 Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituencies in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India.




In the first parliamentary election, the Praja Socialist Party (PSP) won this seat thrice. Later, in the following elections, Indian National Congress (INC) and its participatory parties have won this seat four times. From 1989 onwards, Menaka Gandhi (a member of Nehru-Gandhi family) has kept this seat under her influence. She has won this seat by contesting on the tickets of different parties or independently. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won Pilibhit parliamentary constituency in 1991 parliamentary elections, in the Ayodhya wave aftermath and in 2004, by offering a ticket to Menaka Gandhi. Pilibhit parliamentary constituency is one of a few constituencies in India, which have sent a woman to the Indian Parliament for more than five times.


2009 election


In the 2009 general election, BJP decided Varun Gandhi as its candidate from Pilibhit constituency instead of his mother Menaka Gandhi. Pilibhit constituency caught national and international attention due to highly dramatic political condition in the constituency. Total 13,42,590 voters used their rights out of total 13,08,959 voters in the election held on 13 May, 2009. Varun Gandhi won this parliamentary seat by receiving 4,19,539 votes and defeating his closest opponent V.M. Singh by 2,81,501 votes. The security deposits of all other 15 candidates, including his uncle V.M. Singh of INC, and Bahujan Samaj Party nominee Ganga Charan Rajput was forfeited.


Members of Parliament


Parliament Constituency Code = 26

Year Lok Sabha Members of Parliament Party Won Winner's % votes Trailing Party Trailing Party % votes
1951 1st Lok Sabha Mukund Lal Agrawal Indian National Congress 43.11% Socialist Party 22.58%
1957 2nd Lok Sabha Mohan Swarup Praja Socialist Party 50.54% Indian National Congress 34.86%
1962 3rd Lok Sabha Mohan Swarup Praja Socialist Party 29.62% Indian National Congress 27.42%
1967 4th Lok Sabha Mohan Swarup Praja Socialist Party 28.24% Indian National Congress 24.26%
1971 5th Lok Sabha Mohan Swarup Indian National Congress 38.96% Indian National Organization 24.74%
1977 6th Lok Sabha Md Shamsul Hasan Khan Bharatiya Lok Dal 71.32% Indian National Congress 19.73%
1980 7th Lok Sabha Harish Kumar Gangawar Indian National Congress 40.42% Janata Party 25.34%
1984 8th Lok Sabha Bhanu Pratap Singh Indian National Congress 63.84% Bharatiya Lok Dal 23.39%
1989 9th Lok Sabha Maneka Gandhi Janata Dal 57.34% Indian National Congress 29.37%
1991 10th Lok Sabha Parshuram Gangwar Bharatiya Janta Party 30.86% Janata Dal 29.40%
1996 11th Lok Sabha Maneka Gandhi Janata Dal 59.83% Bharatiya Janta Party 17.01%
1998 12th Lok Sabha Maneka Gandhi Independent 55.99% Bahujan Samaj Party 22.60%
1999 13th Lok Sabha Maneka Gandhi Independent 57.94% Bahujan Samaj Party 25.88%
2004 14th Lok Sabha Maneka Gandhi Bharatiya Janta Party 37.75% Samajwadi Party 22.58%
2009 15th Lok Sabha Feroze Varun Gandhi Bharatiya Janta Party 49.79% Indian National Congress 16.38%


Election Results


Indian general elections, 2009: Pilibhit
Party Candidate Votes % ±%

BJP Feroze Varun Gandhi 4,19,539 50.09 +12.34

Congress V.M. Singh 1,38,038 16.48 +0.80

Samajwadi Party Riyaz Ahmad 1,17,903 14.08 –8.50

BSP Ganga Charan 1,12,576 13.44 −4.47

Independent Ram Narayan Singh 14,246 1.70 +1.70

Independent Viquarul Hasan Khan 10,777 1.29 +1.29

NCP Chotey Lal Gangwar 4,963 0.59 +0.59

CPI(ML)(L) Krishna Adhikari 3,563 0.43 –1.31

AD Indra Pal 3,541 0.42 –0.05

Independent Mahesh Saxena 2,912 0.35 +0.35

Independent Lalta Prasad 2,840 0.34 +0.34

Independent Mahavir Singh 1,913 0.23 –0.05

Independent Harish Kumar 1,605 0.19 +0.19

Independent Harpal Singh 1,147 0.14 +0.14

Independent Jamuna Devi 1,137 0.14 +0.14

Independent Ram Kumar Arya 877 0.10 –0.08
Majority 2,81,501 33.61 +18.44
Turnout 8,37,577

BJP hold Swing

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